This Above All by Lindsey Roth Culli

This Above All by Lindsey Roth CulliThis Above All by Lindsey Roth Culli
Published by Curiosity Quills Press on August 29th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Pages: 226
Format: ARC
Source: Gifted

When sixteen-year old Piper is cast as Romeo in her school’s production, she’s as surprised as everyone else. Not only because she’s a girl, but also because she’s from one of the region’s most notorious ultraconservative families.
But when the school principal demands that the part be recast “appropriately” or the show cannot go on, Piper faces a choice: become the figurehead to appeal the principal’s decision or accept the message the administration’s ultimatum sends to the school’s gay students, including her new friends. Namely, that they should be ashamed of who they are or whom they happen to love.
Pitched as Dirty Dancing meets Saved!, when the daughter of one of the region's most notorious ultraconservative families is cast as Romeo in her school production, drama is sure to follow.


My Thoughts

This Above All was a really great book. It was a unique contemporary read. You all know that my favorite genre isn’t contemporary, but this book is really making me want to read more contemporaries. I related to the characters, and the plot was unique, frustrating, funny. So many adjectives to describe this book. I love Broadway, you guys already know. Heck. I named my blog Reading In the Rain. And then when I saw my second favorite musical was one of the main character’s favorite musical (*cough* Evita *cough*) just made me love her even more.

Her shyness was something that really affected her and I could see her change throughout the book little by little. There really isn’t any character that I do not like from this book…other than her family. Boy do I not like them. i understand that this is her family and she needs to stand by their religion…but family does come first. Shouldn’t you expect to respect your own children even if they disagree with what you believe in.

The whole controversial topic in the book was that why should Piper a girl be playing the main MALE lead in Romeo and Juliet. Here is the answer! She was the best for it!! Little fun fact about Gabi. In the 8th grade, I was in a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. And I played Romeo. So again I relate to the main character….but we didn’t have any boys in the drama class so that adds on to that…

The romance wasn’t the main part of the book, but I really did like it. I believe that the friendship aspect was the bigger part in this book. Well bigger than Romance. Tony was a brilliant character in this book, probably even my favorite.

I don’t really like reading about controversial books that much because I feel like reading is an escape from the world I am living in right now, so I don’t read these types of books often. Yet I do love every single one that I read. This being one of them. I truly recommend this book to y’all. Especially beginners in the contemporary region…and Broadway lovers 😉

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Miami Book Fair|2016 YA Authors!

Hello peeps!

So excited to announce the authors that are coming to this year’s Miami Book Fair!

Sara Shepard:  The Amateurs: Book1

Ryan Graudin: Blood for Blood

Leigh Bardugo: Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows

William Ritter: Ghostly Echoes: A Jackaby Novel

Alexandra Bracken: Passenger

Nicola Yoon: The Sun is Also a Star

Box Brown: Tetris

E.K. Johnston: Spindle

E.K. Johnston: Star Wars Ashoka

Margaret Stohl: Black Widow Red Vengeance ( A Black widow Novel)

Liz Braswell: As Old As Time: A Twisted Tale

Maggie Thrash: We Know It Was You (Strange Truth)

Conor McCreery: Assassin’s Creed Vol 2: Setting Sun

Renee Ahdieh: The Rose and the Dagger (The Wrath and the Dawn)

Mindy McGinnis: The Female of the Species

Katherine Mcgee: The Thousandth Floor

Maria Dhavana Headley: Aerie (Magonia)

Kimberly McCreight: The Outliers

Victoria Aveyard: Glass Sword (Red Queen)

Lauren Gibaldi: Autofocus

Carolyn Cohagan: Time Zero

Rachel Cohn: Twelve Days of Dash and Lily

M-E Girard: Girl Mans Up

Kara Thomas: The Darkest Corners

Molly Booth: Saving Hamlet

Geoffrey Philp: Garvey’s Ghost


Miami Book Fair Excitement!

Hello peeps! Boy do I have some awesome news :)

So anyways, some of you make know that I am a Sunshine State gal, more specifically a Miami girl. And every year Miami has the amazing event called The Miami Book Fair, and I go EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Unfortunately this year I am going to be in Brazil during the time…but I am so excited to announce that I am going to be working with the Miami Book Fair for the weeks leading up to the fair and during the fair week!

I have a friend that I trust dearly with all my heart that is going to the fair in my place and he is going to be a HUGE help to this project, and you’ll be hearing from him with a post or two on the blog 😉

Just so you know there is going to be…

Author interviews!


Reviews upon reviews!

And a little video when all of this fun stuff is over :)

And I encourage ALLLLLLLL of you to try and come to this amazing event. It starts on November 18 and ends on the 20th!

Keep a close eye on the posts coming up 😉

The Rise of The Flame by K.N. Lee

The Rise of The Flame by K.N. LeeRise of the Flame (The Eura Chronicles Book 1) by K.N. Lee
on January 1st 1970
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 465
Format: Epub
Source: Gifted

From international bestselling author, K.N. Lee comes Rise of the Flame, an epic beginning to the Eura Chronicles.
Six races. Four realms. One human girl who can bring them together in peace... or war. Lilae has been hunted since the night of her birth, for she is heir to a god’s throne. But everything that her surrogate family has done to protect her may have been for nothing. After Lilae is stripped of her powers and enslaved by the emperor of the Mithrani, she finds herself desperate to survive in a strange new world.
On the other side of the world, Liam leads his army across the realm to protect the Tryans and the fairies from those who would do them harm. But when their odds of survival become next to impossible, he must set out on a journey to find a dragon, a child, and the blessing of a fallen god to aid him in the inevitable realm war.
The path forward for both Liam and Lilae seems clear, until their dreamscapes collide. But while they draw strength from their connection, Lilae may be falling for the emperor who should be her greatest enemy.


My Thoughts

People. People. PEOPLE! It has been so long since I fangirled this hard over a book. I am telling you its the best feeling in the world. I was reading this book in my math class, and in this classroom it is freezing cold. And I was finishing up my book. I was shivering. But trust me when I tell you that it was not because of the room. This book gave me the shivers. THATS how good it was. I recommend this book beyond compare. If you’re new to the high fantasy scene I would completely and totally recommend this book for you my friends. Trust the Gabi, Gabi knows best.

So lets start off with the characters. Lilae. I love her! I felt she was an amazing protagonist for this book. She has many different sides to her which is really what I love best about her. She is strong willed, sometimes can break that third wall and show her true emotions, she is sarcastic, she is funny, and SHE HAS RED HAIR! She’s got the whole package folks. There was a love pentagon in this book. Yet for some reason I actually really really liked this and how it was done. Kavien really grabbed my heart. Yet Liam also grabbed the other side of my heart. So this part of the shape is what I like to call “Tortureville” Do you know how effing hard it is to choose between TWO ROYALS?! The rest of the Pentagon…I don’t really give. I didn’t really like their characters too much so…Liam is my cinnamon roll while Kavien is my pound cake. Both delicious, both different. In some ways…

The story itself has so many different parts to it, it was like reading three books at once but in the best way possible. It has a very good arc, and IT HAS A FUDGING CLIFFHANGER AS A ENDING AND I GOT SO MAD THAT I HAD TO WAIT TWO HOURS BEFORE I COULD BUY THE SECOND BOOK ON AMAZON!

So as you can tell, I LOVED THIS BOOK! I recommend! I recommend! I recommend!

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Bending Nature by Samantha Stone and Jennifer Durfey. My Opinion on Vampire Novels.

Bending Nature by Samantha Stone and Jennifer Durfey. My Opinion on Vampire Novels.Bending Nature: A different kind of vampire novel by Samantha Stone
on January 1st 1970
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
Format: Epub

Julie Sparks thinks life as a teen is difficult, but she didn't realize just how bizarre life would be once three men in Armani suits storm into the museum where she works and try to steal Michael, a famous, winged statue. When one of the men starts to hurt Julie, the statue breaks apart, revealing a beautiful, pale teen. He rips them apart.
Despite how terrified Julie was with how easily Michael killed those men, she falls for his charm and beauty. More men come for Michael. The mystery turns into conspiracy. Julie is in too deep now. She must do everything in her power to not only save her friends and family, but the whole world.
“Set some time aside because you will not be able to put this one down”

Vampire novels these days seem to receive an equal amount of love and hate, receiving both positive feedback from young adults and negative criticism for those that claim to have a better taste in literature. But whether you adore or despise books about vampires, there’s an addictive quality to them that simply draws us in, and has us reading for hours.

For those that have been searching for a vampire novel different from the generic forbidden love story between a human and an immortal being, Bending Nature might be the book for you. A certain kind of infatuation does exist between a human girl and vampire teen, but not in the sense that we usually see in these types of books.

Written and edited by the duo Samantha Stone and Jennifer Durfey, Bending Nature is about a teen named Julie Sparks that thinks that the woes of teenage years are what make life so difficult for her. That is, until three men barge into the museum that she works in and try to steal a sacred statue called Michael. Trying to stop the men from taking the famous winged statue, a pale breaks away from the stone and kills the man hurting Julie, as well as the rest of the gang. Julie is struck with fear, but finds herself enthralled with his beauty and charm, which leads to more trouble down the line as more men come after Michael, only to suffer the same fate as the first three robbers. This turns into a conspiracy that soon endangers her community and beyond, thus she has to discover a way to rescue everyone from certain death. It might not be the kind of love story you were after, but this is definitely a refreshing take on the genre.

It’s hard to explain why we obsess over plots surrounding the dangerous and all-consuming interaction between mortals and vampires. Although the Twilight sensation has faded, the craze with bloodsucking love affairs and vampire themes has been seen across all age groups for centuries now, with gothic novels like Bram Stoker’s Dracula being studied in classic literature to the multitude of vampire television series currently dominating networks such as The CW. These mythical creatures continue to be a central motif in all sorts of media, even manifesting in gaming portals like Pocketfruity, which main focus is to release popular titles such as Slingo Extreme but has began tapping into the immense regard for their fantastical themes with games about Dracula and other mythical creatures. While not every vampire novel has been well received by the masses, these beasts will always be a fascinating subject for us to explore in literature, movies, and games.

If Characters Were Regular Ol People…

Hi peeps!

So I’ve been wondering what would characters in our beloved books look like in real life. What would they do? Hobbies? All that good stuff, and here is just my interpretation of it :) I wanted to try interpret fashion and makeup onto this blog, and I thought this would be the perfect way to start.

So I am just gonna list my FAVORITE characters. Maybe in a another post I’ll do my least favorite characters. Lemme know! And remember this is just MY interpretation of these character, I might not be correct whatsoever but I hope you like my opinion of it :)


I feel Like Mara Dyer would be an exact replica of me. Maybe she’ll be more into art than books but I am pretty sure Noah can convince her to join the dark side. As for hobbies, Mara would be join a club or two but nothing to extraordinary. Needs to have two cups of coffee in the morning to even been mildly awake. Probably her dream university will be somewhere in New York? So basically me.


Ruby would be a gamer. Definitely a gamer. I feel like Ruby would run for Class President and win. She just seems like that type of person. In several clubs and after school activities. Basically on her way to Harvard.


The tomboy of the group. Excellent at every single sport imaginable, and the amount of exersixe she does makes up for the fact that she is always hungry. And can eat everything and anything. Her body? EFFING GOALS!!! Anti-social but people KNOW who she is. Kinda like those badass nerds that you see in Wattpad books.


NERDDDDDDD SHE IS A PROUD NERD! Studies for everything, and gets A’s in everything. Only in two clubs though. Creative Writing and English Honor Society. She volunteers almost every week, but her favorite place to volunteer is the Humane Society. Does not need coffee to wake up. As soon as her alarm goes off, she is ready for the day.


SUCH A HOTTIE! On the debate team and the football team. AGAIN REALLY HOT! He cares and volunteers. Not your typical “jock” HOT. Very intellectual as well. Can solve any problem like *snap* that. Already interns at a very well known business, and has colleges begging him to join their school.


Unlike his girlfriend, he actually does need a whole bunch of cups of coffee to wake up in the morning. He’ll be on the debate team alongside his best friend Aaron Warner. Reads books for fun, and spends most of his time at the library (the rest of the time is with Tessa) He’s also just smart. He doesn’t study, but somehow he still manages to get A’s on his tests.

AND THAT IS IT GUYS! This was a really fun post to make :) I am really glad I am getting back into the swing of things. And maybe just maybe I’ll do another post like this with my least favorite characters. I want to hear your opinions! What do you think your favorite characters would be doing if they lived in your world?

The Broadway Book Tag

Hey peeps! Long time no speakity! Well buddies, I have a fun post planned out for today. So like Deanna, I effing love Broadway, and I have already seen the Broadway book tag on some blogs and Booktubes, but I thought I would make a updated one of my own. There are still going to be the classics but with a little more modern Broadways shows too. I hope you guys enjoy and I would love to see your takes of it :)

                            The Book of Mormon:                              What’s a book that you will read over and over again like it’s your bible.

I have to go back to my childhood and say Not For a Gazillion Bajillion Dollars by Paula Danzinger. This book deals with the topic of money, and working hard to get where you are, and i
ts for kids! The main character makes it so much fun to learn about these things, and when I was reading it, I was about the same age as the main character. So I could really relate to it. Even now I would pick this book off my bookshelves and just start reading. It inspired me to work hard, and I will keep on reading it.

Phantom of the Opera

An ‘evil’ character than you can’t help loving.

When I first listened to Phantom of the Opera, I fell in love with the Phantom. He was an amazing part of the musical and honestly probably my favorite, and for a book character…I’m gonna go with Book 1 Warner from Shatter Me. Listen to me. I love Warner. I loved him ever since I met him. I NEVER DOUBTED HIM! And in ways he does remind me of the Phantom. Example; they’re both perfect.


A book that makes you want to go to your supermarket and buy yourself a pie.

After I finished Clockwork Princess, the first thing I did to cope with my loss was buying myself a cupcake. If it was a pie I would’ve probably healed just a bit better. Pie solved everything honestly. Maybe not book hangovers, but it definitely helps

Sweeney Todd

A book that gives your creeps but you can’t help say its one of your favorites.

I am gonna go with a new release here and say Stalking Jack the Ripper. BOY did that book give me the creeps, but honestly I freaking loved the book. Yes I wanted to put it in the fridge (FRIENDS reference 😉 ) but I also wanted to hold onto that book and never let go. What? No…YOU’RE HUGGING A BOOK!


A book that made you want to travel to an unknown country and start a life.

I think England would be surprisingly good for me 😉 😉 😉 A lot of books made me want to move to England more specifically the Infernal Devices, Ruby Red, and The Girl in the Steel Corset. All of those books made me want to runaway and buy myself a ticket to London, England with the no money I have 😀 Evita was a very inspiring musical for me, and if you guys haven’t listened to the LONDON CAST version DO IT!!

In the Heights

A book that was fun and made you want to get up and dance, even though its a book…

BOYYYYYY do I love In the Heights. Its my second favorite musical right after Phantom. For this one I gotta go with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. That book made me so happy, whenever I read that book I have a smile on my face and all I want to do is dance.


A book that was the epitome of Mean Girls.

To be quite honest I try and stay away from those types of girls, because I just don’t like it. Yet I wanted to include it cause HEATHERS!!! If I had to pick a book FOR SURE it would be Those Girls. Does not mean I like it. I hate it. I didn’t like that book. At all. Too much drama for this poor child.

AND THAT IS IT PEEPS! I tag everyone and I mean EVERYONE! Yeah you! If there are any musicals you can think of PLEASE add it to the list! Its super fun! These are just some of my favorite musicals, and as you can see I did not include Hamilton. And that’s because I already have a Hamilton Book Tag so I was like…whyyy would I include it in this one too? I LOVE YOU LIN!

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